Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yart Sale - Click to go to Collectique's $5.00 off items

Etsy is having their version of a Yard Sale named Yart - there are lots of vintage items that have been reduced this week for the sale. It started this Wednesday and runs all weekend to June 14th. You can search using the keyword "Yart" under the vintage category as well as the other homemade and supply categories. Or check out the Yart Sale section in each store, some have the discount already applied to each individual item and others are offering that the discount will be credited back to your paypal account. Either way it's an excellent opportunity to get some great buys. I have reduced some popular items: Royal Brocade china, Jeanette Glasses, Indiana Pink Glass, Hazel-Atlas Numerology, England Royal Albert, Blue Mountain Pottery Country Charm, and Kraftware NYC.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Etsy Father's Day Business and Travel Guide

Here are the pages where you can find my vintage portable bar and the numerology shaker that has been advertised in the guide. The gift guide is no longer up but the items are still for sale. Here are the links to them.

Portable Travel Bar
Numerology Shaker

Or dine al fresco with this picnic backpack

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day 2009 Blue Mountain Pottery Redo

This latest project has been finished just in time for earth day. The restored jug will take it’s rightful place in my vintage Blue Mountain Pottery collection to be appreciated for another decade or two. The change-up came when someone recycled the jug for the first time and put on a new surface of blue and gold crackle paint. Originally it would have sat on a dark oak or rod iron table back in the early 70s, possibly holding a few artificial posies, and with it’s bright red glaze it would have been either the contrasting accent piece in the room or possibly blended in with the red shag carpet.

The crackle treatment was a lot easier to clean off than most, especially in the places where the crackle effect took and broke up the thicker blue finish. I used a cake decorating knife, some soap and water and many rags, positioned myself in front of the television and proceeded to scrape with short firm strokes until all the paint was removed. It took a few nights of scraping and washing but as you can see it was well worth the effort.

There was not a chip, crack or crazed line that needed to be disguised, it was a perfectly good piece. It was only recycled to match a new d├ęcor the first time around and now it has been recycled again, restored back to it’s original appearance and repurposed as a collector piece.

Given it’s original red color and ribbed body, I did have one disappointment. The red glaze of the 70s was not produced for very long. It is a piece that I did not have BUT I was hoping that it had been hand thrown in the pottery observation studio operated by Blue Mountain Pottery’s resident master potter, Dominic Stanzione. The studio was open from 1967 to around 1973 when this jug would have been produced and he did sign most of his work done on the pottery wheel. Dominic’s signed Mocha, Slate and Red pieces along with his signature color of yellow and orange, sometimes dubbed mustard and ketchup, are muchly sought after and coveted by the seasoned bmp collectors. Oh well, it’s still a beauty and it was a labor of love to restore it back to it’s original glaze. See the rest of my BMP collection at

Monday, April 20, 2009

Etsy Earth Day Sale is on all this week - Buy Vintage

To buy in the vintage Earth Day Sale search vmteamearth on etsy. The search will yield you more than 800 vintage finds where the prices are marked down from 20% to 50% . Collectique has marked down the entire shop by 20%.

How cool, clicking this title post above will take you to the 800 items.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Candle Case made at Dura Company in the1930s

Some history about the artist. Very early on Helen Dryden showed her artistic ability, she was trained in landscrape painting but had no real interest in it. She focused on fashion design and went from designing covers for vogue magazine 1909-22, to designing costumes for Broadway shows, and then in the late 1920s she did ads for Lux soap.

The Dura Company manufactured auto parts until the 1930s when Helen Dryden turned her attention to industrial design and created a decorative line at Dura. She became Art Director for the Dura Company and probably designed the above candle case for Eveready at the Dura factory. The Dura Company existed from 1922 to 1962 but very little else is known about the company. Their products were distributed by G.A. Soden and Co., from Chicago and I would love to find more of the Dura items that this talented lady created.

It was her work on the interior of the 1936 Studebaker Dictator and President models that established Helen Dryden as an important twentieth-century industrial designer. Although her work was developed under the watchful eyes of another renowned automotive designer, the Studebaker ads proclaimed, “It’s styled by Helen Dryden“.

You can purchase this candle case in my etsy shop. It works with a C battery and lights when you pick it up.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Etsy Vintage Market Team Earth Day Sale

The Earth Day Salebration video is up and running. Thanks to the team for including my numerology cocktail shaker, it's about 3 minutes into the video.

On you can pull down the search tab, pick "Vintage, tags, titles" and then type in your search for "vmteamearth". It will bring up the listings of the items in this video and many more that will be on sale starting April 20th to April 25th, inclusive. Check back often in the website as items with this "vmteamearth" tags (vintage market team earth) will be added daily right up until the April 20th start and all will have markdowns anywhere from 20 to 50% off.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Startups

It's April and time for a spring startup, although that little February groundhog has disappointed. Another six weeks til spring, not, the snow fluffies are falling this morning. I'm signed up and looking forward to the Vintage Market Team's Earth Day Salebration. It takes place from April 20th to April 25th. It will be a tight squeeze for me as the bmpcc convention is the following weekend, more about these later.

Most of my vintage store items are recent finds, however I've started to unpack things that have been boxed in the basement since we moved from a larger home to a condo hi-rise and then to our present semi-house. It's been 15 years so it's like Christmas unpacking the treasures that I parcelled away. I have added a few barware items to my Etsy shop and will be posting more glassware and other vintage goodies in time for the Earth Day Sale.